Web Browser-Based SLA 3D Printer Slicer

Slicer converts a digital 3D model(like STL, OBJ,3MF, etc.) into specific instruction(G-code script) for printer. Without a slicer, the printer does not know what to do. As you know, 3d printing methods work by layering materials. Slicer effectively slices 3d models into flat 2d layers.

There are some offline slicer programs and software which should be downloaded and installed. In some cases, there is a web browser-based instant for slicing. Working with a Web browser-based slicer is easy and joyful. Every step, like rotation, scaling, and slice, happens in the browser.

NanoDLP slicer ported to web browsers (Using WebAssembly) and integrated into NanoDLP interface, so we provided a browser-based slicer. NanoDLP slicer is capable of processing STL and OBJ files and preparing output for SLA 3D printers, including NanoDLP controller and many others.

It includes many advanced features such as

Using the new feature you can use your computer resources to slice 3D files instead of relying on Raspberry Pi.

Browser Based Slicer

If your computer were produced in recent years with a mid to high-level processor, you would get much better performance on a web browser slicer than relying on Raspberry Pi.

NanoDLP-supported output formats are

  • nanodlp
  • nslice
  • cbddlp
  • ctb
  • fdg
  • cws
  • lgs
  • phz
  • sl1
  • pws
  • pw0
  • zcodex
  • photon

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