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Get ready to take your resin prints to the next level! The new NanoSupport software has arrived with smarter supports, faster slicing, and an upgraded workflow for flawless models in record time. Whether you’re a pro or novice, version 2.0’s advanced tools and easy interface help you go from 3D to perfect print faster than ever. Download the free trial and simplify your printing today!

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Frequently Asked Question

The software supports all the most common 3D file formats including STL, OBJ, 3MF, PLY, and more.




Yes, the software is compatible with all major resin 3D printer brands and models including Anycubic, Elegoo, and Phrozen. It auto-detects your printer model and settings




Supports are auto-generated using advanced algorithms to maximize print success. They can also be customized manually for full control.




Yes, slicing is done locally on your computer for privacy and control. The profiles are optimized for your specific printer.




You can print using any photopolymer resin designed for your printer. The software estimates resin usage.




Print times depend on the model, settings, and resin printer. The software provides print time estimates before printing.




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