NanoDLP Folder Structure

Knowing NanoDLP folder structure could be useful for many cases as listed below, consider using information on this post require basic level of Linux OS knowledge.

  • Migrating your installation to new SD card.
  • Recover corrupted SD card.
  • Modify configuration manually.
NanoDLP Folder Structure

Below you can find the basic NanoDLP folder structure after installation on Raspberry Pi and brief description of the each one.

├── config
│   ├── nanodlp.service
│   ├── nanodlp-wifi.txt
│   ├── printer.rotate
│   └──
├── db
├── distro
├── build
├── printer / nanodlp
├── public
│   ├── alert.ogg
│   ├── css
│   │   ├── main.css
│   │   └── support.css
│   ├── favicon.ico
└── templates

File: printer / nanodlp

This the main NanoDLP executable to run it on linux desktop you may have file called that is easier to run NanoDLP.

One of the way that you can check if the nanodlp installed correctly or not (on Pi) is to run command below. It should see NanoDLP log indicating that the program runs correctly.

sudo ./printer

Folder: db/

This is the most important folder as it contains many json files which keep all of your NanoDLP configurations.

Folder: public/

The static files that being served for users including theme files being served from this folder, you can modify files on this folder to control look and functionality of the NanoDLP interface.

Folder: public/plates/

This folder includes plates (Jobs) that added to NanoDLP, so you can find source and sliced job files.

Folder: templates/

Include both theme HTML files and HELP files.


It is script that install NanoDLP on Raspberry Pi.

Folder: distro/

Default files for each distribution including manufacturer specific config and theme files.

File: build

File that indicate current installation manufacturer or customization name.

Folder: config/

The most of files included in this folder are configurations that related to Raspberry Pi, they are used by


Script to expand file system on SD card. This script only useful for SBC running Linux on SD card.

For more information on NanoDLP folder structure check folder structure documentation.

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